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After buying our first bike, like every other biker we wanted to explore the country on two wheels, meet fellow bikers, create our riding rigs and live our dreams like we used to watch in music videos. Along with this dream of ours we were big time MotoGP fanboys and wanted to have a MotoGP apparels collection. The very common problem we faced here was that Indian market was full of sub-standard products and fake apparels, in addition to this accessibility to the original products was very difficult. In order to solve these problems we connected with VR46 Team and proposed them the idea that we want to have their official merchandise in India, we were very lucky that the team agreed to do business with us. This is the first step from our team towards solving the accessibility of quality goods. If we get enough support from the Indian motorbike community we hope to extend our capabilities.

Ravindra Chowdhary 

Ravindra Chowdhary, a Research scholar from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. A person with focus, motivation and entrepreneurial mindset, aimed at solving accessibility problems for the country in every way possible. It all began when Ravindra met Rajveer on a bike trip saw his passion for MotoGP and Valentino Rossi and wanted to address the problems mentioned by Rajveer in the current motorbike market. Ravindra brings to table his experience, experise and out of the box opinions .


Rajveer Singh

Rajveer Singh, an Undergraduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Indore. A very passionate motor-head, a die-hard Valentino Rossi Fanboy and a guy who wanted to make Indian Motorbike market a much more open and accessible to European goods. It all began when he tried connecting with VR46 team in Tavullia and they were really happy to work in Indian Market. For Rajveer this is just a stepping stone for making the Indian Motorbike market at-par with the European Motorbike market.


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